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Yoni Massage

The Yoni Massage (Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina) is a holistic healing method in which not only the whole body, but also the intimate area is massaged carefully.

Another deeper meaning of the Yoni massage is that as a receiving woman you can concentrate completely on yourself, there is nothing that you have to fulfill or even give back.

Many women have never or only insufficiently learned to discover and live their own sexuality. As a result, they accept male sexual energy as well as theirs, and thus live the archetype of their own sexuality only halfway or not at all.

Here is one reason why I, as a man, offer this healing session at all: In this form of massage and encounter between man and woman, and the high level of mindfulness, the (injured) female body experiences healing exactly through male energies, through completely new experiences without pressure and stress can be made. Yes, our bodies are designed to heal each other again and again in our original sexuality. And that only goes from man to woman, and from woman to man.

It is not insignificant to find healing in the same sex, from woman to woman, from man to man, in order to then show yourself to the other person. Here too the session is discussed in advance in terms of its possibilities and limits. If so discussed, a Yoni / Lingam contact or further entry into Sexual Healing is possible.


The yoni massage connects soul with body, yoni with heart. It leads back to itself, awakens the archetypal forms of soul and sexuality, and once you have got to know them, you will not give them back.

The Yoni healing session lasts about 3 hours.

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