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Slow Sex Retreat for Couples

Sunday, 23 June 2024

13:00 – 19:00

Healing Space, Marchwartstrasse 30, 8038 Zurich, Switzerland

Who is Slow Sex for

This afternoon is aimed at people and couples who want to develop their sexuality to a completely new, deeper level. People who feel that there is much more possible, that there are still so many energies that can be felt, but there is no way to live them. For couples who want to add new dimensions to their long-standing sexuality. People who are simply not really satisfied with the sexuality they are currently living. When sexuality has ended up in that routine carousel that threatens to suffocate their energy.

Slow sex.

what it is about
How it goes
Consensus you and partner

This afternoon we will get to know slow sex. No, it is not just what the name suggests, just slow sex. It is more about slowing down the energies that so often prevent us from deeper, true enjoyment.

Yes, slow sex is enjoying, feeling, surrendering without a goal, without a plan, without knowledge. The body is given the chance to take over the 'direction' and to unfold its entire range of sensations and experiences. Completely new dimensions of physical and energetic perceptions open up. Because only here can your very own sexual impulses be felt and experienced within you. This is not possible with a fast pace of stimulation and with this depth of sensation.

Step by step we delve into these secrets of sexuality. Deeper connection, love, contact, desire and joy with yourself and your partner are the gifts of a felt, connected union.
We learn how to enter into union without an erection. How you, as a man or woman, can completely surrender to the relaxation of your body during union. How to recognize and enjoy sexual and lustful energies that rise and fall. We learn how the healing powers of sexuality work. And how slow sex brings two people into a completely new and deeper connection and thus love.

And we experience again and again in a very touching way how much healing between man and woman is revealed in these rituals. When true connection occurs. When it is no longer 'sex', but a mutual, genuine seeing of the person who agrees to share body, love and being with you.

You as a person or together as a couple decide the openness with which you want to go through this afternoon. Nudity, as well as touching, contact and mindful and conscious union are possible. From our experience we know about the spiritual and healing power that can touch hearts and souls when we open this sacred and powerful space of true sexuality.

Process and what to expect
We meet in the opening circle and get to know each other a little. With a few exercises we make contact with each other so that a beautiful energy develops between us all in the room.
With further meditations we honor our partners, the soul of relationships, and strengthen the love bond with our partners.

In further ceremonies I will guide you into relaxed sexuality with plenty of time and peace. It is entirely up to you and your partner how you want to deal with nudity. There are enough ways to protect your own private sphere. All exercises and meditations can also be experienced clothed.
A large part will be the experience of how to create a stress-free yet exciting, energetic sexuality.
True devotion, soft penetration, inner caressing of the beauty organs and more now has time and space to be experienced.
There is a lot of integration time and rest involved, and you will notice how quickly time passes in slow sex because the connection between hearts, bodies and souls goes very deep.
In the closing circle, we share our experiences with each other once again and eat something small from the potluck that we brought for everyone.
slow retreat pic.jpeg
per pair: CHF 240

Single payment: CHF 120
Student couple (or in training): CHF 140
Couple + 1 student (or in training): CHF 180
Location: Heilraum Zürich, exact location will be announced upon registration.
Duration: 13:00 to 19:00
Bring: Favorite oil, lunghi, a cloth to lie on, a blanket, your water bottle and food for the potluck in the closing circle
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