Water Healing

'Water teaches my body to flow, teaches me to lose ground under my feet, only to show that I am my true ground in myself.'

'And when I emerge again from the depths, the water teaches me how precious and sweet the breath, what a miracle life is and how exciting being is - like when I was born into this world.'

Yes, it's very close, almost intimate, between me and clients during the Water Healing Session. The energy of this closeness is always in deep respect and love for the people who entrust themselves to me and water healing. The healing power of water, the trust of the body, love, and the surrender to life - this is where you can feel the beautiful healing power that touches me deeply in my heart in every session.


Nude sessions are possible on request.


In Tantric Water Healing , similar to the Yoni Massage, the whole body, including the beauty parts, is carefully touched. (I prefer to replace gender parts with gender parts).

The body experience that these touches are not about sex and the associated performance is of central importance. This gives the body the important feeling of being fully perceived and appreciated, and of just being able to relax despite touching the beauty parts.

Surrendering to these touches, only receiving security, security and appreciation, can do a lot to heal sexual injuries and makes reconciliation with yourself a lot easier.

This session can also be accompanied by a woman, if desired, so that the female and male energies can be experienced in play. So it can always be connected to your own beauty (gender) in order to explore and experience the other beauty with this strength and permission. These connections very often go deep into your own sexual experience world and form the basis for competence and relaxation in body, soul and sexuality.



Water Heart Healing

The water work, accompanied by a man and woman, came about very spontaneously and intuitively. We were impressed by how powerful it is when the male and female principles and the element of water play together. Supported by the male and female principle, very early states and memories are addressed. Many people are led into early childhood and very often there is a reconciliation and deep re-nourishment of female (mother) energy and male (father) energy. In this we follow the impulse of the body, the energy which she / he needs more right now.

Roger Spiess comes from Sexual Healing & Waterwork and Michaela Prina from working with Cranio & Traumaarbeit. This has resulted in a wonderful interplay in the water.

The four of us, the male, the female, the client and the water, we communicate with each other. The water opens the space for our feelings and emotions in such a wonderful and magical way!

An interplay between devotion, pure joy, tears, anger, which can express itself fully and security in the embryo position and much more ... Supported by the male and female principle, very early conditions and memories are addressed.

Everything can be, everything can show!

With great attention and love for this process, we are also happy to accompany you in your experience!

May only good things happen to you

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