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Water Healing Arts

Water  Healing

'Water teaches my body to flow, teaches me to lose ground beneath my feet, just to make me realize that I am my true ground within myself.'

'And when I emerge from the depths again, the water teaches me how precious and sweet the breath is, what a miracle life is, and how exciting existence is - just like when I was born into this world.'

In the water, the body's cells remember the time in the uterus, floating in the amniotic fluid, safe, warm and nothing was missing. A deep inner peace can appear now, because it has been a long time since you were carried like a baby. In the water this is possible without any effort. The gentle touch of the water helps to activate the body's delicate, very sensitive nervous system. Even the slightest touch, the slightest movement goes deep into the body's memory and triggers a different, gentler relaxation in the body than is possible on land.

The healing power of water, the trust of the body, love, and surrendering to life - this is where the beautiful healing power can be felt, which touches me deep in my heart in every session.

Nude sessions are possible on request.​

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