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Sacred Nudity Night

Lgbtqi+ very welcome ♥

Nakedness, in soul and body, is always sacred.
This is the night of your power, of your soul's expression, as the energy forms within you. You give How do you feel today? How much of yourself do you want to show today? Are you held back by fear or insecurity? Desire and joy? Or are there patterns and strategies that you use just to achieve something specific? What moves you or paralyzes you?
It may sound a little strange when I say that in these forces that keep us so deeply occupied, such as sexuality, there is pure healing power in its most powerful form. Experiencing others in their showing awakens humility in its purest form. In this way, the circles of showing oneself, of nakedness and vulnerability are always filled with the silent magic of life, of breath, of being, of your being.

The rooms:

The 1st room: That's why we start by sensing and feeling closeness and distance to one another. How close can I get to another person tonight? Or how much distance do I need to make contact? The 2nd room: How much can or would I like to show of myself, of my soul and/or my body? In a slow and guided meditation, we transform nudity into a sacred and healing ceremony of you with your body. The experience that nudity alone is a very deep sexual experience with oneself. We get this magic through the whole evening with touches or no touches, with total nudity or clothed, it doesn't matter. What matters is your spiritual and direct experience with yourself and your body. The 3rd room: The first gentle touches you create, with someone who touches you in a way that is good for you, with someone you touch, or simply you touch yourself in a way that is good for you. The touch is pure life. Being touched only says that you exist. What you experience when you touch it is always the soul's response to life. The 4th room: Relaxation. You may find yourself in a cuddle group with others, by yourself, or just with a single person. Whether in exchange with a person or not, relaxation and staying with yourself, in your center, are the only energies that are invited here. Nothing else. Every touch requires full presence and awareness so that touch, closeness and intimacy can develop their true power of healing, relaxation and love. Maybe you are naked or clothed in physical contact with one or many people. Maybe you observe yourself in this space of encounter, all by yourself. In the end, none of this matters as long as you are who you are or you are exploring who you are.


.... understand what consensus means. You can pay attention to yourself and your pace of events and also stick to your limits. You are aware that you can influence or cancel your experiences at any time on Sacred Nudity Night. You long for a space that is guided throughout by mindfulness and awareness so that you are more likely to take the step out of your comfort zone because there is trust in yourself, the people and the mindful energy in the room. You want to get to know yourself better for yourself and through play and contact with others. You are ready to get involved, above all, with yourself.

Your night

We breathe together again and again, feeling our hearts and the connection that flows from our breath and heart into the world. We keep checking in with reality, wishes, longings and fears. Here is the space where you can try out your devotion, dominance, love and clarity. Your being is called upon to show itself, you are called upon to listen to your being, your soul.... Face yourself by allowing yourself to experience new areas of your soul and its expression. Who are you and how do you feel when you show yourself exactly as you are? How liberating it can be to be complicated and how restrictive and breathless it can be to seem uncomplicated to everyone. Here the field is to try out your no for absolutely no reason, just like feeling what a clear yes feels like. I and the accompanying angels are here to accompany you with questions and uncertainties, to support and strengthen your decisions about your yes or no. It may be that you keep reaching your limits, good! Experience yourself there in a new way and feel clearly within yourself what your heart, your body and your soul want. Will it be the case that you find your strength in saying a clear no and enjoying it? Or that your courage has led you into new feelings and life energy, into a new experience that you never thought possible? How does it feel when your body is heard, when it and your heart have had their say for a night? Are you drawn to experience this? Are you ready to enter new worlds of experience together with yourself? Are you confident enough to do that?



We enter the room in silence.
After everyone is sitting in a circle, we start the evening with a sharing session so that we can get to know each other. We are interested in your name, your being and your existence this evening. Also, what are your fears, hopes and wishes?
With light, gentle encounters with one another, we take plenty of time to get into the mood for the evening.
Am I here for myself today, to get to know myself better and more deeply? Or am I looking for contact, encounters, touch? Am I brave tonight or rather shy? Does it matter who I am? Or do I dare to be who I am now?
Removing our clothes, as far as possible, is done in a sensitive and slow ceremony of humility and sacredness towards a human body.

With a lot of mindfulness and respect we celebrate nudity and honor it in heart-connecting rituals. Nudity is not a requirement. In between we express ourselves with our energy and magic in the space through movement and dance

There are three playing areas in the room:
-the space of moving encounters in a cuddle group with others, in which wilder energies can also happen in movement with the living energies.
-the space for the quiet encounter with others, where gentle caresses can take place without goal and stress. Deep enjoyment and relaxation in being together, in connection with others and in contact with yourself
-and the space where you can be alone without being disturbed by anyone
so that you can integrate your impressions and experiences right now.

Until the closing circle at 11 p.m. we enjoy cuddling together, as a couple or alone if you want.

There will be an introductory call about a week before the Sacred Nudity Night begins.
And the following week after the night an integration call

Date and Place:

Date: Saturday, July 6, 2024 3:00 p.m., admission from 2:30 p.m.
Location: Healing Room Marchwartstrasse 30, 8038 Zurich
Bring along:
Cloth to lie on
Drinking bottle
Please bring your food and enough of it so that others can enjoy your cooking. We will share our food in a circle.

Get-to-know-you call: You will receive the link in the confirmation email when you register.
Integration Call: Date will be announced at Sacred Nudity Night.

Compensation: CHF 160.00
If you are a man and do not want to do exercises or meditations with other men but would rather only do them with women, please bring a partner with you so that the balance is always right for you. Men can only register as singles if they also want to have experiences with men and can relax with that.

Early bird until 15 June: CHF 110.00
Student training: CHF 70.00

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