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The art of penetration

LGBTQI+ friendly and very welcomed
What it's about; the old ways:

Men in particular see penetration as a goal when making love that they try to achieve as quickly as possible. Once this has happened, it often switches to the monotonous sometimes faster, sometimes slower 'in-out movements' until orgasm.
However, more and more people are discovering a deeper sexuality for themselves, and also with other people.
Slow sex in particular has opened the doors for many people to feel and experience themselves more deeply.
And yet here too, one of the more sensitive areas of conscious, spiritual, relaxed and, above all, nourishing sexuality usually remains in the unconscious area: penetration itself.
Too often the narrative is: sex is penetration. Too often the goal is: unification. And too often this results in: penetration and orgasm.
This can add stress to the paths of relaxed sexuality, because many people equate sex with penetration, even if they practice slow sex.
What it's about; the new ways:

Empathize with the energy, which means enjoying your own strength for yourself and bringing it into contact with your partner. It is energetic penetration. In the extremely slow establishment of contact between the heart, body and of course the vulva and penis in a gentle first touch, the energy slowly changes to physicality. Only then do desire and lust meet in an area that never leaves the deep connection between the souls. The penetration, when it happens, is always subject to slowness and depth with oneself and with the partner, while the vagina and penis enter into union with one another carefully and very consciously. It requires no force, no pushing, no stress. Real penetration slides, flows, opens and is therefore always spiritual.

What you learn is that penetration - always begins energetically, from heart to heart, from soul to soul - is changeable, from 'I want' to 'I give', and this is still penetration - is like giving and taking - is only real when it happens, i.e. it doesn't require any physical effort - is one of the great love and healing rituals - the path not only into one body, but also the path into the souls of two people. - soft, so beautiful without an erection - does not require movement and/or stimulation - is a very powerful door to energetic connection

how you can experience penetration in a new way - as a sacred ritual for healing and nourishment - how you can discover your different orgasm forms and abilities in real, deep connection (men too!) - how an emotional orgasm, or ecstasy, can be achieved in slow sex union - and how real sexual nourishment and healing can beautifully replace orgasm

Course of the day and the healing circle (In advance: In the online seed call we meet for the first time, where we can all feel each other. You will receive the link to this online call when you register). On the day itself we start in a circle and get to know each other a little better. Here we build contact, connection and trust with each other through unconditional honesty and showing ourselves in what is. Then we go into the first physical encounter with ourselves in order to establish the best and deepest possible personal contact. Now we enter into initial energetic contacts with our partners and other people present. The exercise: not to lose yourself. We dance, move and breathe again and again. Various exercises prepare us to prepare for the sacred penetration, to empathize and to attune ourselves Slowly, with a lot of time, awareness and personal contact, we begin the magical ritual of the art of penetration. And yes, it clearly starts energetically, can and may then become physical, but it doesn't have to in order to find out what true penetration is all about. This part is also a powerful circle of appreciation for the vulva and penis, turning penetration into a deep healing experience. In a circle, men honor the vulva, and in another circle, women honor the penis as a healing power. For all levels, fields and experiences that you enter, I make sure that there is a lot of integration time for soul and body so that the holiness and healing powers are fulfilled, at least to the extent that you and your body take a lasting feeling with you into your life, a feeling that you both won't give away anymore....

Daily structure:

We meet at the healing room at 6:30 p.m., the ceremony begins at 7 p.m. and officially lasts until 10 p.m. Unofficially, the room remains open to everyone throughout the night; if you want, you can also spend the night in the healing room.
Bring along:
Your favorite oil
Your lunghi
A cloth to lie on
Your drinking bottle
Something small for a potluck that we share at the end of the circle
How your participation works:

Due to balance, no individuals can register. Please come with someone. It doesn't matter whether you're a gay couple or a straight couple. The ceremony also goes for ♀ and ♀, like ♂ and ♂.
If you are willing to meet other people, perhaps even sexually, that is definitely possible. You are ready to dive into guided, mindful sexuality with each other in consensus.

Homosexual and heterosexual, binary and non-binary, everyone is welcome.

EArly Bird for 2 people up to: CHF 250
for 2 people: CHF 310

This workshop is for advanced people. That's why there is a detailed questionnaire that I ask you to fill out. You can find it in the registration.
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