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Tanzende Hände

Walk in Healing

Walk in Healing

Die Termine für die Walk in Healings werden jeweils frühzeitig 2 Wochen vorher  per Telegram Chat kommuniziert. Dort werden wir auch einen Link eingeben, auf dem Du Dich anmelden kannst. Falls wir zuwenig teilnehmerInnen haben, werden wir das Healing spätestens einen Tag vorher verschieben. Das erspart uns einiges an Wartezeiten, weil die nachmittage bis in den Abend doch lange sind.

Hier gehts zum Telegram 'Walk In Healing' Chat

Every Monday, 3 p.m. to 9 p.m
Healing room Marchwartstrasse 30 8038 Zurich
The room is open to you, you can enter at any time.

Du bist

in a place where you feel standstill within yourself, be it on your spiritual path or in your own personal development.
There are resistances, blocks and beliefs that still have too much power over you. You also feel the dark, difficult sides within yourself and that is precisely why you avoid them and thus stand in your own way.

You hear the call of your meaning in life in the distance, you feel what you want to do, shape and fulfill in your life, but the way there is unknown to you, perhaps even dangerous.
Do you dare to be spiritual and connected to everything? You feel yourself, feel your impulses, and yet they don't find their way into the world?

Was hier passiert

We listen to each other in a circle and give space for your words. We go with your wishes and fears, take them on board and look for ways of integration, transformation and healing with you. Together we create spaces for you to research and develop your being and your lifestyle. Be it diving into the dark, hidden and repressed sides of you where you want companionship. Be it to give yourself permission to visit the brighter sides of you and develop them into the world. Be it to finally face your emotions or your emptiness, so that you can get to know each other and find contact with each other. You are also invited to be with us in the circle to serve others as witnesses to their development just by being you. And to support the processes with your presence alone. This way the circle gains strength and energy. Individuals are no longer alone. This is how development and healing happens.

Wer wir sind:

Michèle Brand

TheField Facilitator Training with Rachel Rickards ThetaHealing® Practitioner, Instructor, Certificate of Science Gene Keys Guide HumanDesign Researcher (no certificate) ISTA Level 1, Level 2 Tantramassage Seminare (diverse) Tamera Intro into Love & Sexuality Common Law Academy Lebenderklärung & Enttaufung Integratives Traumatraining & Curriculum Systemische Aufstellungsarbeit by Johannes Schmidt Feldenkrais® awareness through movement EDE creating a transformative culture Sustainable Architecture, building with straw, clay, wood, circular building, closed cycles

Roger Spiess

2 annual cycle of shamanism with Dr. Carlo Zumstein Annual training dream paths I to IV with Dr. Carlo Zumstein Psychopompos (shamanic end-of-life care) with Dr. Carlo Zumstein Soul Retrieval (Zumstein) Certified Shamanic Counselor CSC by Dr. Michael Harner (Core Shamanism) Research and supervision circles with Dr. Carlo Zumstein Trauma work with Dr. Carlo Zumstein Institute for Sexual Education and Sexual Therapy ISP with Esther Schütz in Uster. Samma Karuna Tantra training in Goa, India and Koh Phangan, Thailand. Puja Diana Richardson (Slow Sex) Shima annual training / various. Assistants Shima couples annual training / various. Assistants Shima applied trauma and body work International Rainbow Gatherings (All Europe) WATA 1,2 and 3 with Arjana Brunschwiler in Auroville, India Assistance for WATA 1 and 2 in Bali



Magic pot:
You give what you can or want.
Sharing food is always welcome.
Your being and work

Please connect anytime:
Walk in  Healing Telegram

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