The fascinating thing about shamanism is that it has been able to distance itself from religions over all the tens of thousands of years until today, although it pursues the same questions raised by humanity. In all these times, neither commandments nor hierarchies nor scriptures developed in shamanism.

During the years of my shamanic path, which I largely shared with Dr. Carlo Zumstein left, European 'native' shamanism opened up to me more and more. The oldest shamanic traces of mankind lead to the Lascaux caves in southern France. There are similar drawings in the Hoggar Mountains in the Algerian desert, but it is not certain which drawings are actually older. From here the shamanic paths spread out into the world and continuously adapted to the nature and energies of the respective countries and regions. Many of our myths and old fairy tales are purely shamanic. Such as. Odin the shaman god, born in the crown of the world tree Yggdrasil.

Much nicer: All the shaman's teachers still live around us today, and we can still learn from the source of the world and life: the trees, the stones, the animals, the elements of nature.

Shamanism differs from country to country, even from region to region. And yet the shamans of this world all have something in common: the spirits, the power beings, the ancestors and the ways to get in contact with these forces.

While psychology helps to center us in ourselves, the shamans reconnect us in our environment and the forces around us.

One can argue about what exactly shamanism is. What cannot be argued about are the healing successes of the shamans. The WHO recognized shamanic rituals as a healing method for psychosomatic diseases in the 1980s.

- Soul retrieval according to Dr. Carlo Zumstein and       Sandra Ingerman


-Shamanic Counseling according to Dr. Michael         Harner


-Soul centering, dream paths and

 general healing sessions according to Dr. Carlo   Zumstein

- silent sessions


Shamanic healing rituals are very suitable for:


-Lack of zest for life


- Anxiety




-Loss of a loved one or animal




- Abuse, physically and mentally


-when feeling 'I have something' or 'I'm missing   something'


Compensation: CHF 180 (approx. 90 minutes).


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