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Slow sex experience night

LGBTQI+ friendly and very welcomed

On this night we enter the world of slow sex without the stress of penetration or goals. We enter the world of connection and relaxation of body and soul. Touching without goals. Being touched without ideas. Recognizing and expressing our own possibilities and limits with complete clarity without losing the connection to ourselves or our partner.
On this night we encounter the energy and soul of slow sex on all levels that have to do with encounter, connection, touch and energy. Energetic connection or physicality without the stress of penetration. We leave any kind of penetration aside and experience a new, fulfilling level in honest togetherness.
We treat each other with care and experience how valuable and fulfilling it is to act, research and learn together in soul connection.


We meet in the rooms of mindfulness and meet each other anew with plenty of time and connection. We explore authentic connection, conscious touch, slow mantra massages, body relaxation meditations and self pleasure meditations (self-love).

Doors open at 2pm, ceremony begins at 3pm, potluck dinner
Please bring food for the potluck for everyone.
Your favorite oil, a lunghi to tie around yourself, a towel to lie on and your water bottle are welcome.
You can also stay overnight in the healing room. On Sunday at 11 a.m., those who want to can go to the Rote Fabrik for brunch.

Early Birds: CHF 100 (until 1 September for SSEN from 14 September, until 30 September for SSEN from 12 October and until 2 November for SSEN from 16 November)
thereafter CHF 140
Students and trainees: CHF 70
You can find further information on the registration page.

21 September '24, Healing Room Marchwartstrasse 30, 8038 Zurich
5. October '24, location in Zurich to be announced.
November 2nd '24 location in Zurich to be announced.
December 7th '24 location in Zurich to be announced.


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