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Sanskrit: truth, dealing - and in this context means: common truth.

In India, Satsangs are traditionally conducted by enlightened people, or gurus. I myself am neither. And yet some Indians assured me that all those seeking truth should hold satsangs.
We talk in circles about sexuality, especially in the tantric sense. Respect, holiness, mindfulness & awareness. Devotion and truly authentically opening up or limiting yourself (!) to sexual energies are the essence of these Satsang circles.​
Nudity and touching, if they sometimes occur, only take place in the tantric sense. This means: You make sure that you use the meditations and EXERCISES WITH your partner for self-observation and getting to know yourself. As soon as you get into patterns of wanting to impress or please, you have lost your inner strength and centeredness. This is important to keep in mind in Tantra. If your sexual energy sometimes flows into it, that's only okay as long as it doesn't lead to attachment and expectations. I would be happy to accompany you in these moments.

The satsangs take place at
Marchwartstrasse 30 in Zurich Wollishofen. please ring the bell for the healing room.

Opening Circle: 7 p.m. - Closing Circle: 10 p.m. (of course you are welcome to stay longer).​

I announce all information and data in the Whatsapp group 'Satsang'.

To take part, please register for the Whatsapp group below.​

I'm looking forward to seeing you♥​

Exchange: Voluntary contribution to the Magic Pot.​

All people are welcome.
Your appearance in the Satsang circle obliges you to do nothing except respect for all things.
I am pleased to welcome you to the healing circle.

Anmeldung Satsang WhatsApp

Vielen Dank!

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