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Sexual Healing Arts

Contact session

Working with intimacy and the body is sensitive. It requires a high level of empathy and trust between the people involved. Especially in topics of sexuality. It is important, especially during sexual healing sessions, to get to know each other in order to find out whether working together can bring the desired success. It is therefore essential to get to know us first in a contact session. 

Worum es in Sexual Healing geht:

Do you want to meet yourself, yourself as a sexual being and be with who you are and how you are? Conscious sexuality begins where you put aside everything you have previously known and felt about sexuality and dare to start anew. Where you start to listen to your body. Like a child discovering something new. Be fascinated by your feelings, desires and fears. Do you have the courage to re-explore your sexuality and redesign your world? We begin your journey into your sexuality from the place of not knowing. Where only your body speaks. There we wait until words transform into clear feelings and actions and you look at yourself. The place where your body tells you who you are as a sexual being. And how you are. How you are in terms of closeness, distance, nudity, touch, self-expression, ecstasy, orgasm, love and yes, sexuality. During the sexual encounter, we spend a lot of time, mindfulness and awareness exploring your own sexual cosmos, your sexual soul, your very own sexuality. What does nudity mean to you? What is touch? What does fusion and love mean if it can arise from your very own sexuality? The path is not easy. Sometimes the sections are too steep. Sometimes they lead to the abyss and darkness. Just as sexuality completes you in deep merging with your love, it can also separate you from yourself into the deepest loneliness. Sexuality can both lead you into your life and leave you in disembodied loneliness. Both are part of their power and both are grace of the creative force that created you. She always leads you to your dark places so that you can find your light there and let it shine - where it counts.

Was in der Session passiert:

The encounter is designed with a lot of time and awareness, so that stress has no place, but relaxation is the focus. This means that you feel the relaxation that comes when you can influence the situation clearly, confidently and at any time. Here you will gain the competence to be able to enjoy your sexuality to the fullest extent. We pay attention to any signs within you that are blocking you, unsettling you or preventing you from feeling your own limits! We support the signs that reveal your path, your joy and your sexual power to help you get to know and explore them. I work with touch, massages and meditations. Nudity is welcome during sessions, but not a requirement.

Explore your Sexuality - Your Free Creation of your Session.

The Exploring Your Sexuality Sessions follow your primal sexuality. Here your fantasies, wishes and longings have plenty of space to experience and be. And all of this at a pace that allows you to maintain the highest level of awareness and mindfulness while exploring and experiencing your sexuality. We enter the exciting worlds of your primal sexuality. What form, what image of your sexual soul would you like to experience in a safe space for once? Fantasy of being tied up? Be delivered? Or test your power? Soft rape or romantic scenes? What is your fantasy? Do you dare to say them? Do you dare to experience it? We discuss exactly how these experiences work and what our safety words are. You can influence or cancel the session at any time. Of course, if necessary, you will be professionally supported in your experience so that deep integration and understanding can take place. ​ Discount for students Sexual Healing is a very deep and intimate contact that requires a lot of trust and commitment. If you are coming for the first time, I ask you to book the Sexual Healing Contact Session first so that we can discuss our next steps and the compensation for the sessions and experiences. A video call is also possible. If you have already been to a sexual healing session, then I feel free to find an appointment for you here! ♥ Discount for students.


Sexual  Healing is for you, when you

if you

- Want to get to know your original sexuality.
- To connect your sexuality more deeply with spirituality.
- to transform displeasure back into pleasure.
- You finally want to live your own sexuality, and not just that of others.
- Have difficulty with your orgasm or have never experienced it before.
- have pain during sex.
- Feeling lonely or even 'foreign' during sex.
- Feeling very insecure during sex.
- Want to give yourself more, but don't have the courage.
- simply want to develop more competence in your sexuality.


What you get:

- Contact and connection with your body
- You encounter your primal sexuality
- You explore your sexual world, learn to sense and feel it
- You design your audible sexual language to stand up for your sexuality
- Sexual competence and security in all situations
- A freer and more fulfilling sexuality for you and your partner
- Enjoy yourself
- Love for you
- Freedom for you and your body because you are at peace with yourself and your sexuality

Die Räume

1. Raum

Define spaces Closeness and distance are essential factors in being able to meet yourself and others. This includes setting boundaries: the limits of your possibilities, energy and sphere.

2. Raum

Taking up space means feeling security, safety and relaxation. These sensations signal that you have arrived in the room. This is also the space that makes it easier for you to show yourself as you are - with all your strengths and weaknesses, without ever losing your dignity and your shine. Here you can show both your soul and your body and feel in this world. Asserting and opening are the doors to truly meeting others. When you achieve this competency, you will ultimately have the confidence to delve deeper.

3. Raum

The third room is one of the essential areas in sexuality. Giving someone permission to touch you is arguably the greatest gift you can give someone sexually. The how and where play a crucial role. This shows how important connection and communication with your own body is. If you move too quickly in this space or don't have enough time to really arrive, the sexual energy will hardly be able to find relaxation and security later.

4. Raum

Explore and get in touch with your vulva, your penis, or your bisexual beauty formed from both. (I prefer the word beautiful rather than gender). Discover its beauty and its enormous power for our lives. Live a connected, conscious love and sexuality and take a lot of time and integration for it.

5. Raum

The support of like-minded people who help explore and experience one's own sexuality or discover sexuality with the opposite sex is of great importance for many people. Women in particular often benefit from connecting with their feminine energy, which helps them to open up and welcome male energy in a relaxed way. When working with sexuality, it is central as a woman to connect with another woman in order to delve deeper into the female energy. During this session my male presence takes a back seat to give you the opportunity to explore the male with the support of a woman. Often in this session the very great and often necessary healing takes place for women with the female energies. Michèle Brand's website for support.



Couples who want to take their sexuality to a new level or want to give themselves a gift can benefit from these sessions. Especially in a couple relationship, it is important to know and be able to name your own sexuality. This is the only way different ideas about sexuality can be brought together and a common, harmonious sexuality can be found when together. These sessions are possible as individual sessions or with the accompaniment of another woman. This is to balance the male and female energies and to be able to demonstrate massages and exercises to my companion.


I'm happy to be there for you

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