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The Art of Bridging
Lgbtqi+ very welcome ♥
What is the Art of Bridging
How it works
What is Bridging Woman Man Human?
A lot has happened between us in the history of humanity, but only one thing has happened: really seeing, hearing and understanding each other as we really are.
Let’s finally really get to know each other. Let's tell each other about our being as men or women. Let's tell each other how we live and experience our lives, our sexuality and our desires. Let's finally show ourselves like this so that we can learn from each other.

We show ourselves in our nakedness and vulnerability so that our words touch hearts. Our history is important.
Your story of being a woman counts in this circle. We men want to hear them because we don't know them. We want to honor you as woman, shakti, goddess, storm and silence by hearing and seeing your words, your looks, your anger and your love to accept them into our hearts. So that we can start building the bridge to you right there. We men long for it.

Your story of being a man matters in this circle. Let's tell women how we experience the world. We show ourselves naked and vulnerable and entrust our innermost being to you women: from the aimless insecurity within us towards you, from our frustrations, the anger and the never-ending love in our hearts for you women, because through you we are in this world came.
Let's help each other build this bridge. So that we can begin to heal ourselves, because for this healing we need each other. To forgive where we can forgive. To see where we cannot forgive and accept this in love for one another.

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Would you like to be part of this healing between us humans? Then we, Michaela and I, look forward to welcoming you to the group as a bridge builder.
This healing circle is sensitive, personal and very intense in its power. That's why it's kept small. It has space for 6 women and 6 men. We pay attention to the balance of men and women, age and experience in tantric or similar courses.
What to expect
We meet in a circle. feel each other and get along with each other. From here we go into the separation of man and woman and find ourselves again in the power of our own beauty. This is where the confrontation with the other person begins; we talk, men among men, women among women, about what separates us from each other. We enter into confrontation to see, feel and hear each other.
And so we come together, woman and man, with our truths about ourselves, pain, longing, sadness and desires.
We show ourselves vulnerable and open to each other in order to rediscover ourselves through what and who we really are: people.
We tell each other what we need, what our longing for healing and connection are and use this to create a healing ceremony for each other: men for women, women for men.
At the end of the ritual, we sink into relaxation, touch and connection that nourishes, fulfills and connects us. From human to human.

Saturday, Sept. 7 at 2 p.m., doors open at 1:30 p.m
We begin with various rituals of engagement with people with vulvas, penises or intersexual/transsexual.
Dinner at 6 p.m., please bring something for the potluck, we will eat together in a circle in the healing room.
We then begin the men's healing ritual for the women, and immediately follow this with the women's healing ritual for the men. After a short closing circle together, we flow together in the cuddle into a well-deserved and deep relaxation.
End: 11 p.m. (It is possible to spend the night in the healing room. We usually cuddle for a while in the morning and then enjoy brunch in the Roter Ziegel am See.
Bring along:
Drinking bottle, possibly your favorite oil, lunghi and cloth to lie on or sit on, your eating gift for the potluck
That's all.
Nudity and touching are possible, depending on the energy and consensus in the group. I take the knowledge and adherence to consensus as a given for this ritual.
If you have any questions or uncertainties about boundaries, limits or consensus and agreement of actions with other people, please contact me or Michèle in advance.

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