It is life that fascinates me.

My breathing body.

My dreaming mind.

My living feelings.


My being. Your being. Our being.

Our connection in all things.

In it I feel the love and joy the universe has for us humans!

And yes I am a dreamer.

In 1994 I started my first shamanic journeys into the worlds of power.

I was accompanied by books by Dr. Carlo Zumstein, Carlos Castaneda, Kenneth Meadows and Michael Harner. It was natural for me to travel alone to my powers, beings, ancestors and spirits during these years, because I met these little beings from other worlds spontaneously as a child.

From 2001 to 2007 I visited with Dr. Carlo Zumstein the 2 year cycle, dream paths I to IV, psychopompos and soul retrieval seminars.

In 2007 I received the Certified Shamanic Counselor CSC from Michael Harner through Dr. Carlo Zumstein.

From 2002 to 2009 I regularly took part in his monthly research and supervision circles, which opened my consciousness into deeper shamanic energies and worlds. Carlo blew up my views and worlds and gave me the ability to look at my world from many angles and to discover things that make me see and give me true spiritual wealth.

Yes, I shine in the world, Carlo!

From 2006 to 2008 I attended various tantra seminars at the Shima Institute in order to assist them from 2008 to 2015. I learned a lot about process support, approaches of body-centered psychotherapy, body expression, dance and group dynamics. Rather, I learned to feel myself, to know myself, to open my heart and to connect with people without the fear of losing myself.

Daniele Kirchmair and Günther Neuses woke me up in my new life, accompanied me intensively and helped me to find my current being and to develop into what I am today. Through her, I was born the second time, as the Lakota Sioux put it. I am still very attached to you today.

In order to enrich my tantric knowledge from the western psychological side, I attended the training as a sex educator from 2006 to 2008 at the Institute for Sex Education and Sex Therapy ISP with Esther Schütz in Uster. For me, Esther is the shaman of the earth. Love and sexuality give her the ground and clarity it takes to understand her, and yet she never takes away the playfulness and humor of life.

During this time I met Diana Puja Richardson in various seminars, and in an unforgettable and very challenging workshop also the Korean dance and ecstasy shaman Hiah Park , both of which deeply impressed me.

In 2012 I successfully completed my training in classic Thai and oil massage in Thailand, with a certificate from the Nuad Thai School in Bangkok .

In Thailand, Koh Phangan, I discovered water bodywork. In January / February 2018 I completed the WATA® courses 1, 2 and 3 in Auroville, India, with the inventor of the WATA® Arjana C. Brunschwiler . Furthermore, in January / February 2019 I assisted the WATA® courses I and II in Bali with Arjana C. Brunschwiler. These courses enrich my forms of WATER HEALING and TANTRIC WATER HEALING enormously. Arjana raised my work in and with water to a dimension that I would never have dared to dream of. And she deeply impressed me as a teacher of the new world, who goes her way with a lot of love and strength. That gives me a lot of joy and courage!

With the work in the water I found another way to work with people and their most important life energies: zest for life and joy, sexuality and thus vitality. All of my trainings are those little mosaic stones that ultimately led me to find and go my own way. I find my way in my passion. In the expression of my primal power in me. That is what I pass on, what I want to awaken in people: your own primal power.

I continue to research the healing powers of life, spirituality, sexuality and love, the vitality, the desire to be and the desire to work in the world!

Kamadeva Roger Spiess

May only good things happen to you

079 300 10 80

Heilraum: Marchwartstrasse 30 8038 Zürich Wollishofen