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Sexual healing:

Contact, connection, tension and relaxation are important keywords for a fulfilling sexuality.

Because only in relaxation and in real contact with yourself can the subtle body impulses become perceptible, which are deep within us and strive for their fulfillment outside.

Relaxation and contact is where we are at home, cared for and safe in ourselves. In that place of calm where the unimportant is silent and there is only what is: you. Here we come into contact with our original Soul. This is also the place where we are with ourselves, in our midst and with the healing powers. The deeper we go into our body, to the place of the original soul, the more we learn about our energy, our being and its inherent healing power.

Sexual healing is also about the reconciliation of men and women and their history. In order to finally heal femininity and its sexuality, contact with the man is required, and vice versa. How is man How does man work What is its essence, its secret? What is woman What is its secret, how does it work? Sexual healing opens exactly these doors in order to be able to go into experience and experience with men and masculinity, with women and womanhood.

Yes, sexual energy is vitality and healing power! And it is this healing power that is so often forgotten in sexuality. Our bodies carry the basic knowledge of how they heal themselves and others if we only give our bodies time and space.

Water healing:

In the water, the relaxation of body and soul can reach its own, almost magical depth and tranquility, which I rarely experience with my clients on land. It is an immersion in something that many people have never, or only rarely, experienced: trust, connectedness and security. That is the space where healing can happen.

It is this life energy that makes us shine and work in our strength!

"To know about love is not to love"


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