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I am really happy that you set out to learn more about your sexuality so to grow and to heal yourself, body and soul.


Who is Sexual Healing for?

... for everyone who is interested in yours

- To get to know original sexuality

- Further research and develop sexuality

- To connect sexuality more deeply with spirituality

Or if

- because there is more pain than pleasure

- You do not live your sexuality, but that of others

- You have no or very rarely orgasm

Pain during sex

- You sometimes feel lonely and alone during sex, or even 'strange'

or you're wondering

- as a woman, how do I give myself completely to free male energy in love and devotion?

- How do I build presence and security in sexuality as a man or a woman?

- What is lived sexuality anyway?

Did you know that only about 45% of women have an orgasm while having sex with a man, another 20% only rarely. Many women only experience their orgasm regularly with masturbation. 7% have never experienced an orgasm.

Sexual Healing Kamadeva Roger Spiess

What you gain for yourself:


- Contact and connection to your body

- You encounter your very own sexuality!

- You explore your sexual world, you learn to feel and feel it,

- You design your audible sexual language to stand up for your sexuality!

- Sexual competence and security in all situations

- A freer and more fulfilling sexuality for you and your partner

- Enjoy yourself

- love for you

- Freedom for you and your body because you are at peace with yourself and your sexuality.

Hardly any of us are prepared for sexuality in a good and sustainable way. Most of us from the parents mostly cleared up with an anxiety pedagogy. And not by specialists. The focus is on the danger of illness, pregnancy and disappointment, not the beauty and powerful energy and love of sexuality.

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Sexual Healing

In a protected, safe room, I accompany you with great care on the way of your sexual and thus also life energy.


We explore your sexual worlds without crossing your limits.

We start where you are in life and your sexuality, break through the energies that are hindering you and begin to liberate your own sexual worlds.



Water Healing

From the first contact with the warm water, the cozy feeling of 'coming home' spreads throughout your body.

With our ears in the silence under water, we hear our breath and heartbeat all the more intensely, which brings us into deep connection with the miracle of our being. We leave the heaviness of the earth and dive into deep relaxation and a calmly present body feeling. More...

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Shamanic Healing

The knowledge of shamans has been with us humans for tens of thousands of years.

The knowledge of the forces of nature has been preserved over this long time and can be found in shamanic sessions, soul returns and initiations again. In my work with sexuality,


I can no longer do without the shamanic ways.




in Sanskrit language: common truth.

A group of people who want to get closer to the truth of something by talking, listening and researching together.


In India, Satsangs are traditionally held by enlightened ones, or gurus. I myself am neither.

I still want to maintain the beautiful culture of Satsang in this way.


"Before I can even be a woman, I have to be allowed to be a human."
Anna K.


Dear Roger

Finding out that I am 'right' the way I am, sexually and in my being deeply touched and healed me. The way you explained the world to me and how I see it now. I am. It's my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

SH Zurich



Free translated Tantra means: Joy of Life!


Many paths lead to this state of joie de vivre, and they are all successful in their own right.

Pure sexuality is free from fear and bad thoughts. Pure sexuality is deep recognition of your own body, and thus your own soul. Our very own sexuality is always relaxation, and that is how we can recognize it. More...


Dear Roger! I am still enchanted by what I experienced and felt with you yesterday !!! And just want to say THANK YOU again for this new feeling in me that I can discover through you !!! Thank you for the time ... it was an important knowledge and experience for me!

DW Zurich

Article in the St. Galler Tagblatt by Flavio de Nicola (July 22, 2018)


(....) It also seems to be the case for another visitor who, during a workshop on the topic of “Sexual Healing”, answered the question how she was feeling: “Menstrual pain”. Those who kneel on carpets smile. However, Roger Spiess, who heads the workshop, sensitively responds to the comment and quickly manages to persuade interested parties to talk about intimate feelings.


And much more!

Sexual Healing Kamadeva Sexualität Tantra

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Sexual Healing Kamadeva Sexualität Tantra

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To breathe. Finally breathing again.

Feel my body and skin again.

The beauty that underlies our ability to feel.

Finally, attention is paid to the body, it is felt and seen.

Through devotion, love in touch, the body is awakened, revived. Life awakens.

I smell again, see, feel and feel.

We have not lost our minds, but our bodies.

Connection. Gratitude.

As Roger writes: Knowing something is not enough. Knowledge has to be experienced to really understand.

With deep gratitude

Anna, ZH


If you have any questions or uncertainties, I am always happy to help you!

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May only good things happen to you

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