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Space of Slow Intimacy

Space of Slow Intimacy

Candlelight, soft music and a peaceful atmosphere accompany the opening circle, where we sensitively communicate with each other, express ourselves and feel our presence.
We create a world full of connection, love and conscious presence for the evening ahead.

The temple is opened.

Mindfulness, affection and presence bring you to yourself and in conscious exchange with others. You have no goal, no stress and no methods to achieve anything. You dare to enter the space of the unknown.

Touches from nothing that return to nothing. What is longed for is fulfilled and community is born out of love. Your breath, your rhythm, your skin, yourself.  Feel, experience, accept, let go. Surrender in joy, without effort.
The more you are in the moment, the more you can draw on your own fullness and the more the evening's encounters will fill and nourish you.

Lose yourself in the magic of the moment with a person, cuddle, hold, enjoy. Naked, clothed, connected or energetic It's up to you what experiences you want to have.


You feel good in your body and are in good contact with yourself.
Setting and respecting boundaries comes naturally to you.
You perceive nudity and sexuality as natural expression. You find beauty and strength in nudity and sexual energy, even in others.
You understand that unconditional love is the only thing that matters at Love Temple.

A love that is lived entirely in the here and now and does not involve planning for the future.
That's why the Love Temple is not a dating platform.
The Love Temple embodies the principle of the present.


Inside the Love Temple

You have enough love and tantric experience to understand that this place is not a dating portal, but a place to meet in the here and now.
The official end of the Love Temple is at 11:30 p.m., but it remains open all night long. You can stay in the temple as long as you want.
Everyone has the right to come home alone and go home alone and relaxed. The experience remains in the temple and you are free from attachments.

You are responsible for staying in your comfort and learning zone.

Late entry is not possible!

If this is your first time at Love Temple, I would like to get to know you better. Click on the 'Register Love Temple for the first time' button to fill out a short questionnaire. Once you have submitted the questionnaire, I will send you the link and password to the page where you can log in, specify the amount of your exchange and pay. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Du wählst selbst je nach deiner wirtschaftlichen Lage, was Du als Austausch geben kannst:

Wenn Du gut bei Kasse bist:    CHF 170+

Du bist grad ok bei Kasse:        CHF 140

Du bist grad knapp:                    CHF 110

Du bist Student*In:                     CHF 60


Cuddle Love Sacred Space

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