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Free your sexualityonline seminar

Free your Sexuality Online Kurs

The time has come.... And we are full of joy and dignity about ourselves and what we have created:

An online seminar about the liberation of sexuality - your sexuality - your very own sexuality! Because it is important. Because you are important.

We have been through a lot, we have asked ourselves again and again, is what we are doing good? Are we brave enough? Are we allowed to go as far as we do in some videos? Or are we still too cautious? Are we demanding too much or too little? Are we showing too much or too little? We are showing our bodies and skin, our souls and our hearts... We, and other people too, are showing ourselves, because sexuality is always about showing yourself.

Sometimes we literally flew through the production of the videos, sometimes we were close to giving up. And again and again we only had our hearts to find our way. Thank you, universe, we stuck with it. Also with the help of all the people who helped us in this online seminar, who supported us because they found the idea so important, because they wanted to be there, with heart, soul and their body! Today we know it is a good path! We look forward to seeing you!

There are over 40 videos with teachings, exercises and interviews with different people. We talk about the innate, primal sexuality within us that we need to discover. About all the forms of sexuality. And we learn how mindful and conscious we begin to be with our bodies the freer our sexuality becomes. The course is on our shared MiRo-Academy page. Perhaps the course appeals to you? In any case, we look forward to seeing you! ♥

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