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Circle of Intimacy

Worum es geht

Would you like to learn more about tantra, sex positivity and slow sex, and explore your sexuality in a safe and trusted circle? You can now do this without having to be in a crowded seminar room with many participants.
Here you have the opportunity to share your sexuality with people you trust and care about.
You are ready to share your sexual needs, desires, dreams and fantasies with your close friends and open your doors to your sexuality.

Meine Einladung:

I don't promise short-term places for relaxation and touch. Instead, we create space for self-reflection and self-presentation in all facets. Together we open the  Doors to ourselves and to other people so that we can grow and develop.

The power of your vulnerability. Connection in conscious touch. Magic of nudity. And the freedom of true love.

You dare to show yourself. You face yourself again and again. You risk looking deeply into yourself, accepting what light and shadow, suffering and joy, pain and happiness are within you. You accept the beauty of your being, and know  Your abysses, as well as your desire for being and freedom.
Do you dare to take these steps? And what will you discover? I don't know it. All I know is that the path to yourself is ultimately to find true gratitude and joy in yourself.

My invitation:
Find people in your circle of friends who can imagine something like that.

Invite friends and loved ones, such as partners, boyfriends, exes, and others who are interested in exploring and learning about their sexuality.

If you bring a group of at least 4 people together, I would be happy to guide you through experiences such as love, sexuality and relationships. In a protected and guided space with familiar people with whom you can relax and with whom you are connected. In a space and circle where you can feel at home right from the start.

Anmeldung für Deinen Circle of Intimacy

Vielen Dank für deine Anmeldung! Wir melden uns bald zurück.

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