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Corona - a shamanic travel to my spirits and forces (Deutsch nächster Blog)

Aktualisiert: 25. Okt. 2020

(für Deutsch siehe untenstehenden Blog)

The words of my spirits and powers on one of my recent shamanic journeys to the question of where we humans stand in these times:

It is the oceans, the mountains, the trees and all the plants, the dolphins and all aquatic life, the tigers and all the animals that are. All of this is our world. We are all born through Mother Earth and Father Heaven. So we are all children of the earth. And Father Heaven and Mother Earth are the children of the universe. And for many universe came out of the hands from the divine.

So we are children of the universe. And the universe is magic born from the dust of a dream that dreamed itself. So we are stardust and we are all interconnected. And so our being alone is already the fulfillment of the great dream of the universe. Therefore we ourselves are creators and creation at the same time. And thus, to sum it up in a human word: divine.

And yet, even if there is only this one world, so many of us live in different worlds. And we live in different worlds especially when there are difficult times. When we are suddenly thrown back on ourselves and trust becomes difficult because the world is changing so quickly and all the powers of our own experiences and those of our ancestors awaken with warning feelings. It is these forces that want to ensure our survival in such difficult times. They are important. And so the trust and the connection with everything turns in itself, towards itself and away from the great connection with what is - and thus into a certain loneliness that is difficult to bear. So the compensation of the loss of connection begins with the search for like-minded people because we cannot or do not want to be alone. Looking for like-minded people now also means turning away from those who are not like-minded. The deeper and the more this gap becomes, the more the fear feeds on demarcation and, above all, on incomprehension. The fear of not being understood. Not to be heard. And so a good thing and a difficult thing happen at the same time. The good: By fighting the 'other', non-like-minded side, you get the opportunity to convert your own impotence into energy and strength and to hurl it in a certain direction (non-like-minded). A relief for many because they no longer have to feel their own fear. In this, through the fulfillment of the power, healing can sometimes take place, in that the fulfillment dissolves its own power. The difficult side of it: the high price of this path is the connection. And without connection we lose love.

The real silence is not found in the desert. The true silence can only be found in the noise of the big city. True connectedness is found in difficult and divisive times, not in carefree moments.

Some people fear the virus. Others don't. Some people fear the takeover of world power over the people by a few, others not. Some people vote on the right, others on the left. Some people know, others believe. That will never change. It doesn't have to. The water will always extinguish the fire, or the fire will turn water into steam ... and yet both are always connected with each other in our world, always recognize each other as elements of the universe born from the same dream.

Can we do that too? Can we see ourselves again and again as children of the universe? And thus recognize love in the bond?

Corona, climate, wars and hunger. These forces will be in our history books. And the question will not only be how we dealt with these great forces. The question will also be how we treated each other, our brothers and sisters during these times. In love? In understanding? In connection? Or as a demarcation? In hatred?

Which of these powers will you feed?

Are you where you choose what to feed? Where do you give yourself the freedom to choose freely? Imagine all the people living life in peace. Who wants to join in?

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