Yoni Healing Massage - Yoni is the sanskrit word for vagina

The Yoni Massage is a holistic massage method that not only massages the whole body but also the intimate area. It helps to get to know one's own sexuality deeper and better, thereby identifying their desires, follow them and bring them in to this world in words too, and thus not infrequently can revitalize and enrich the love - life.

Another deeper sense of the Yoni Massage is that the receiving woman can concentrate entirely on herself, there is nothing she has to give back. Many women have never, or inadequately, learned to discover and live their own sexuality. In this way, they accept male sexual energy too many times and after a while see it as theirs, which keeps them of living their own sexuality  more or less, which in the course of time can lead to  severe injurys of feminity.

This is the reason why I offer this massage to women as a man: In this form of massage and encounter of man and woman, and the high mindfulness, the (injured) female body heals precisely through male energies, by completely new experiences without pressure nor stress. To be touched and receive high awareness on the whole body, without any fear that it will have to lead in to any sexual activity.  Sometimes it helps, to receive the first Yoni Massage from a woman, and then to go in to the male energy, to experience yourself also there. Here it is also possible to sink in to the healing connection of Lingam (Penis) and Yoni (Vagina) only in the form of silent love from the teachings of Diana Richardson. Also here, we keep within the limits of the agreements we settled prior to the session.

The Yonimassage combines soul with body, Yoni with heart. It leads back to yourself, awakens the origin - energy of your soul and sexuality, and whoever has known them once, wont ever want to be without them anymore.

The Yoni healing massage takes about 3 hours.

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