Water Healing (Watsu / Wata / Wantra)

Water Healing can be a pure relaxation session, in which you simply can go in deep relaxation.

You can also bring your theme into the water where we listen to your body, follow its impulses, and in this way learn a lot about you and your body. Just as the body can carry injuries and traumas in itself for years, it always carries within also healing, for your body knows the way to healing, if we only listen and follow! Often it is not heard, which takes with time the strength out of your energy, and thus nourishes the suffering. Some of us did make the experience: If it gets too much, the body will develop stronger and stronger signs to make us listen. I accompany you along this path with a lot of empathy, knowledge and mindfulness, and my focus is where you can check on your body, whether my words and what you experience yourself feels good or bad for you, whether it is coherent and true, or does not resonate at all. You become a deep ally of your own body.
By getting to know your own body, with the learning of the language your body speaks with you, your personality anchors and consolidates itself, you become more and more yourself, come into your middle, and thus radiate radiantly into the world. This is Water Healing.

Or as Daniele Kirchmair, Founder of Shima Institute expresses it very aptly:

"Every conscious immersion in your body is an experience that supports you in your personal development."

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