Tantric Water Healing

So often I have experienced in my water sessions, how the water aroused the devotion and the trust in the people on a deep level! This surrender finally breaks the blocks and patterns, thus opening the heart to the whole, and can lead to deep emotions in the soul and body.

In the Tantric Water Healing, the whole body, including genitals. They are, as the whole body, carefully touched with high care and awareness. 
The experience, that in fact these touches are not about sex, or about provoking any excitement, is of high importance. Our body is programmed to go in to sexuality, as soon as genitals are involved, which creates only stress and no relaxation. 
To experience this form of appreciation of femininity by a man in a framework of complete devotion and trust can impress and radiate the vital and healing powers in an impressive manner. Finally, to give oneself to the other gender, without danger, without having to fear sexuality, but only security and appreciation, can bring a lot of healing to womanhood. The lightness of the floating body in the water, the deep connection between heart and soul, give a great deal of healing and reconciliation between woman and man.

Yes. It takes courage for this session. And this alone deserves respect, because the path of healing begins with courage. Please do not forget that this is a clearly tantric session: Everything is allowed, and no must's at all! Previous to the session discussed possibilities will be explored, set boundaries are respected. For this, it doesnt matter if you will be naked in the session, or fully clothed. What matter is, and is the heart of Tantra: How can you relax best with yourself.

I do not need to know your prehistory, I work shamanically in the here and now. We discuss the exact course of this session in advance, by telephone, or in a cost free 'meeting'.

I recommend to make the 2 hour Water Healing booking for this session.

Philosophy of Tantra

I'll risk it! I make a appointment!

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