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Do you hear the call of your very own sexuality that is inherent in you? Do you feel that there is so much more in you about liveliness, expression, love and sexual strength?

You are on the way to yourself and you feel that this way inevitably leads over your body. Find out who you have always been. And not who you could be.

It is our concern to create a circle in which everyone can be present in their presence and uniqueness, in respect, mindfulness and vitality. In order to discover and research his original sexuality in this room, as it were.


The rituals offer the ground to open hearts, to let sexual energy flow and to experience yourself in a circle as part of the whole event. They are designed so that we can rotate in a circle and have experiences with many people. This is how we get to know ourselves most impressively. And, it's blossoming together. A passion from the heart.


We can be active in consciousness, love and sexual energy at the same time. We support you in this and prepare the ground with ritualistics.


It is not lonely and isolated in our nature and we have the opportunity to join in the abundance and flow of love and touch exchange ... exactly as it is right for everyone. This always happens within your own limits.


When hearts connect, skin can be touched, we experience ourselves in abundance, happiness and ecstasy.


The "Tantric Ritual Circle" is a dance with our sexual energy and our hearts, the greatest powers that are inherent to us !!! They strengthen our health and free us from fears and frustration. When the energy flows, the senses open, everything seems more intense ... and I am really there, I am present, in connection with myself!


If you are interested and curious… allow yourself to have new experiences!

The weekends are for everyone who wants to go on a journey of discovery with awareness and respect for themselves and others. Otherwise there are no requirements.


It is important to us to open the space for physical integration according to the rituals and experiences. Be it in a conversation in a circle, in 'cuddling up' or just being together.


We are really looking forward to you!


2020 data


August 14th to 16th, 2020:

Connection to you - reconciliation between male and female sexuality.


Recognize the patriarchal legacy, outside influences and family conditioning. We find new ways in an authentic, sexual and loving connection to people.

We learn the simultaneity of internal anchorage and being in contact.



Friday, August 14, 7 p.m. to August 16, 2020, 4 p.m. in the seminar house Alter Steinshof Sternenberg

Compensation for the seminar: CHF 350.-

Overnight stays: single room CHF 155.-

Double room CHF 140.- all meals, coffee, tea, mineral water, cider, break meals and pool are included.


The dates for the TRC workshops on Saturdays can be found in the calendar

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