Tantra, translated in its spirit means: enjoyment of life.

Many ways lead to this state of life, and they are all successful for themselves. A difference of many of these ways to tantra, however, is that they do not include sexuality, and in extreme cases even negate.
Tantra, and modern sexology too, recognize man as a sexual being. Sexuality forms the foundation of our existence, it is the ground on which our personality grows and develops. We can not experience ourselves completely and deeply without knowing our sexual soul.

Pure sexuality is free of fear and evil thoughts. Pure sexuality is a deep recognition of one's own body, and thus of one's own soul. Our very own sexuality is always relaxation, this is how we recognize it as ours. It is our first identity, makes us male, female, or hermaphrodite. It is only from this identity that our personality, our being, rises in the form as we are. It can not be taught through education, social norms or culture. The only reliable teaching that exists for sexuality is the learning of our feelings and the languages ​​of our bodies. Yes, it is the way to ourselves, to what we are in our deepest, in our soul, in our spirituality.
Pure sexuality is love.
And so, playful and unbound as the soul, sexual power is wild and gentle, earth-bound and cosmic, sacred and simple, it is divine. And it is always creative and healing. If sexuality had been recognized as a form of healing, there would be fewer therapies, fewer hospitals, less violence, frustration and pain in life. And with the touch of the body, the soul is always touched too. In no other power do people react so sensitive and vulnerable, because sexuality is always a direct window into the deeper levels of our soul.

Sexuality is divine, because it can connect us with the world, the universe and the divine. And because it creates human beings.

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