Sexual Healing Session

I dont need to know your story, and the reasons why you come to the Sexual Healing Session.
Rather, we sense what is now, what now works or does not work, we follow your longings, for they know the way to healing.
In 5 steps we approach your primordial soul of sexuality, and your being. We will learn more about your soul on Shamanian journeys, explore the power and language of your body on tantric paths.

Again and again, the focus also returns to your body, in order to understand it, and to understand its language in all the forms of showing yourself, how to express yourself.

We can clarify the limits and possibilities before each session, because each session can place high demands and challenges on you. We never cross borders, but we do not stay where you have always been, and where the supposed comfort zone is. The real comfort zone is where your soul energy unfolds, your body can finally free itself and fulfill itself in its form!

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Heilraum: Marchwartstrasse 30 8038 Zürich Wollishofen

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