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What is the primordial soul of my sexuality? Do I know it, and do I live it? Do I live my sexuality, or am I more ashamed of it, and would rather not show it into the world? How do I feel with my sexuality?

With shamanic and tantric rituals, supported by sexual pedagogical knowledge, we approach our sexuality, and thus ourselves. We begin where you stand, and go step by step, into your sexuality and with it also your vitality.
What is inhibited, but would like to show? To where does the longing shine, but you do not follow? Why do you stop yourself from forces that are not yours?
We illuminate beliefs, fears and beliefs with reality, check them with our body, so that you do not have to believe my words and views, but feel in your body what we discover in the sessions so you can confirm yourself if its relating or if there is resonance.

I am also working on topics of sexual abuse where I do not need to know any prehistory, we do not dive into the past anymore, but only work with the forces that are now available for you. 

Healing begins with the first step to do something for yourself, to go for help for yourself. Like all my sessions regarding sexuality, we discuss each session beforehand. No limits are exceeded, but all possibilities are explored and experienced!

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