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Erection stress, premature ejaculation, vagina stress in overstimulation - what's the point?

Long lasting erection? Controlled orgasm timing? Longing for multiple orgasms? Be like in the porn and all the stories you've heard from others? And how it works in all the movies? Like kissing, clothes off, penetration, moving wildly and the woman moans in orgasm because he does it so well?

And despite all these wishes and stress you have, it doesn't work out in reality?

Do you think that reads like stress? Yep, it is.

And stress prevents men from enjoying the kind of sexuality that makes learning about multiple and different orgasms possible in the first place.

Have you ever thought about what your body, your penis and your very own sexuality want? Do you need all the images in your head to keep you engaged during sex while your partner becomes more and more emotionally withdrawn because she doesn't feel you, because you have to replay entire films in your mind in order not to come, or that Not to lose an erection?

Would you like to have to shape your sexuality like this? If not, then there are wonderful methods and paths to a relaxed and truly fulfilling sexuality. A sexuality that deeply connects you with your partner and, as a woman, with your partner. It is only in this connection that trust and security arise.

Erection stress doesn't have to be a problem. And neither is orgasm control or even suppression. The belief that only women can experience different qualities of orgasm is also fictional and not true. Do you know the path of soft sexuality, the magic of the soft penis, which opens the way to magic and truly orgiastic levels for men and women? Requirement therefor is the believe, to have to hold erections for a longer time. This is not possible without constant and increasing stimulation, which only causes stress in men and women. Experience what happens when you enter into sexualities without an idea, without a goal and therefore without stress, and what new experiences you can then have with yourself and your sexuality.

There are wonderful practice areas for men and women to reduce sex stress and transform it into a relaxing and nourishing sexuality. Yes, men also have different orgasm qualities. But these are not possible through strong friction in constant in and out movements. That is only possible when all sensory sensors in the penis and also in the vagina are addressed. When the whole body is included in the pleasure, sensations and orgiastic energies. In seminars and workshops such as Sacred Nudity Night, The Art of Penetration, Cock Awakening, Slow Sex for couples and Slow Sex Orgy, I address precisely these topics, among others. It is important to me to bring sexuality back to where it belongs: as a healing, relaxing and connecting energy in relationships of all kinds.

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