Relaxation is everything. Relaxation is where we are at home, lifted and saved in ourselves. In that place of peace, where the unimportant is silent, and only there is what is: You with yourself. Here we come into contact with our primordial soul. This is, as it were, for relaxation, the place where we are with us, in our midst and the self-healing powers. And so is my work built up: the deeper we enter into our bodies, the place of the primal soul, the more we learn about our energy, our being and our own power of healing.

In the water, the relaxation of the body and soul achieves its own, almost magical depth and rest, as I hardly ever experience on shore with my clients. It is an immersion in something that many people have never, or rarely, experienced: trust, dedication and security. The physical as well as the mental experience of being able to experience pain in the suffering and at the same time to be able to relax frees noticeably and can make a lot of healing happen. I accompany you and lead you with a lot of empathy on your way to feel deeply into your body, to hear your voice with as much consciousness as possible, and to enter into a living connection with it.

In many massages the relaxation lays down over the whole body and lets it sink so far that it is almost no longer noticeable. This can also be very comfortable. However, the gift of water to us is a relaxation that can sink into us and into our bodies, so we never loose connection to our body.

It is a relaxation that nourishes itself out of itself and thus from then on appears as the power of our primordial soul, a power that once experienced and anchored, always at all times and everywhere at our disposal. It is this energy of life, which makes us shine and act in our own power!

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