Flowing Massage

The flowing massage does not follow any program. It follows the body and its impulses, what is shown, and what is shaping itself.
She will do justice to her name, because she just wants to flow! The person (s) on the massage mat rotates when it fits and is good. Lie on the side is often also a very beneficial position, as well as sit or get in a close embryo position.
All this does not interfere with the Flowing Massage, it just goes on with the events. There are human beings who want to be detached and alone, with as little contact as possible, and others are looking for the closeness in the arms of the giver.
Everything is possible, nothing must.
Where touches are to be allowed, how close the contact between the bodies may be, and what signs signify the limits, we discuss before the massage to get a maximum amount of relaxation. Nothing in uncertainty or even stress should disturb the flow. And, of course, it is permissible for the recipient to change the agreed upon at any time. This is Flow!

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