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"Findings from working with Roger:


Far from space and time.

Roger: Sensitive. Humorous. Confident. Authentic. Empathic. Brave.

Faced with my deep fear of showing myself.

Generally confronted with fears, shame, morals, distrust, with myself.

Encounter deeply buried and downplayed feelings like anger, rejection and condemnation.

Confrontation at the body level. I don't feel much down the neck. My body is just there, but I have no feeling for it.

The head for it is highly active.

All energy is in my mind. I fought against my body's energy unconsciously; I tried to suppress them as well as any feelings as much as possible.



Contact. Knowing hands. Intuitive.

Following impulses. In the river.

Mindful. Loving. Unintentionally.


The mind stops at this threshold.

He has no access to this world. What the body feels and touches the soul remains incomprehensible to him.

To breathe. Finally breathing again.

Feel my body and skin again.

The beauty that underlies our ability to feel.

Finally, attention is paid to the body, it is felt and seen.

Through devotion, love in touch, the body is awakened, revived. Life awakens.

I smell again, see, feel and feel.

We have not lost our minds, but our bodies.

Connection. Gratitude.

As Roger writes: Knowing something is not enough. Knowledge has to be experienced to really understand.

Knowledge has to be felt in the body in order to live it.


With deep gratitude.

Anna "

Contribution in the St. Galler Tagblatt by Flavio de Nicola


(....) It also seems to be the case for another visitor who, during a workshop on the topic of “Sexual Healing”, answered the question how she was feeling: “Menstrual pain”. Those who kneel on carpets smile. However, Roger Spiess, who heads the workshop, sensitively responds to the comment and quickly manages to persuade interested parties to talk about intimate feelings.



Dear Roger
Wow, I'm still overwhelmed by yesterday evening. It was a trip.
You are a wonderful, attentive travel companion.
You have created a wonderful space where everything could be possible.
We went through many rooms and emotional worlds. Deep relaxation and enjoyment. Discovering new things - being confronted with your own fears. To be kept safe. Sexual energies - feel the original power, perceive the male / female energy fusion. Pain- panic- joy- being deeply touched- arriving deep in your own body.

Thank you very much for opening this room. I am completely fascinated by how you are in your strength, it made it so easy to let yourself go and indulge.

SM Zurich

Höt Morgä am vieri esch mer of eimou Kalienergie so presänt gsi ond ech ha müesse nocheläse... es esch so idrücklech, was du aues bi mer chasch gseh ond wohrnäh... Mine Härzensname han ech mer vor einige Johre usgsuecht... ech gloube, erscht jetz chom ech langsam de Bedütig vo dem Name nöcher... (die göttliche Macht)

Geschter het sech bi mer öppis ganz wunderbars glöst ond höt Morgä früeh, han ech gwösst, es esch d Versöhnung met em Männliche i mer ond osserhaub vo mer ... Danke der us tüfschtem Härze, liebä Roger... es get kei Wort, won dem grächt wörded, was ech grad empfinde ...

E.T. Luzern

I would like to tell you an important finding.
I am so thankful, thankful that our souls crossed, found each other. Be thankful for yours. Thankful for the unconditional love that I feel from you, for me and that I feel for you in deep connection. It's just there! That can be lived. I also feel how my heart opens and lives.
I am easy. I am Love! Feel great humility and gratitude.
In love!

DH Zurich

Liebä Roger du hast mich heute in meiner Seele berührt und meinen Körper befreit. Danke villmal.

C.L. Zürich

Lieber Roger! Ich bin nach wie vor verzaubert von meinem Erlebten und gefühlten gestern bei Dir!!! Und möcht einfach nochmals DANKE sagen für dieses so neue Gefühl in mir, dass ich durch Dich entdecken darf!!! Danke, für die Zeit... es war eine wichtige Erkenntnis und Erfahrung für mich!

D.W. Zürich

Ja, es isch e sehr berüehrendi u bsungeri Seelebegegnig gsi geschter. So friedlech, so frei, so stimmig u heilig, es  I bi im Moment no nid viune Mönsche begegnet, wo mir die bedingigsFREII Liebi so klar, rein u pur chöi gspiegle wie du.  Danke, es zeigt mir, das sich im Usse spieglet, wasi i mir inne füehle. U es werde irgendwenn geng wie meh... Weiss dass du genau versteisch, wasi meine

S.H. Bern

Lieber Roger

Zu erfahren, dass ich 'richtig' bin so wie ich bin, sexuell und auch in meinem Wesen hat mich tief berührt und geheilt. Die Art und Weise wie du mir die Welt erklärt hast und wie ich sie jetzt sehe. Ich bin. Es ist mein Leben. Danke aus ganzem Herzen.

S.H. Zürich

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