Ethics guidelines of my work
In the following, all sexual-educational, tantric and sexual healing methods are listed under the term Sexual Healing.
The limits and possibilities of clients and clients are worked out and clarified in a first setting of talking.
In all other settings and exercises, the focus is on well-being, conscious perception of oneself and thus the presence of the clients.
The important sentence is valid: Everything must, nothing has to. A no is as important as a yes to the things coming up in the sessions.

Body and mind always receive the time adapted for their development. Limits are exploited but not exceeded.
Nudity will only happen with a good self-awareness, body acceptance, and body connection.

Sexual Healing sessions are conducted only on adult women, men and couples, who enter into these experiences in full consciousness and self-responsibility.

All Sexual Healing sessions take place in a protected and sensitive environment. First priority is the physical well-being and security of the clients. Obviously, the clear adherence to the distribution of the roles, as well as the obligation of secrecy, is guaranteed. Sexual Healing does not replace psychotherapy.

Sexual Healing sessions or massages can be interrupted or aborted at any time. These processes are lovingly accompanied.

Sexual healing massages are aimed at awakening and establishing a conscious body awareness. The orgasm does not matter in these settings, nor is it the goal. 

Care is taken to ensure that clients feel comfortable and secure, and are able to influence, understand and integrate their experiences at anytime.

The dignity of body and soul are inviolable

May only good things happen to you

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Heilraum: Marchwartstrasse 30 8038 Zürich Wollishofen

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