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In a protected, safe room, I accompany you with great care on the way of your sexual and thus also life energy. We explore your sexual worlds without going beyond your limits and always explore your possibilities and places of growth.

With shamanic and tantric rituals, also supported by sex education knowledge, we free your sexual and life energy into the joy and power of life.

The ways:


We start where you are in life and your sexuality, break through the energies that are hindering you and begin to liberate your own sexual worlds.

We get to know them, research them and design them step by step into the world.

In various exercises and settings, we research your original sexuality and the healing powers that reside in it.

Truth, relaxation and joy are our most important guides.

We compare beliefs, fears and ideas with reality, check them with our body feeling, and then find out for us whether they still apply to you or whether you have actually developed further!


After these steps, we discuss together how to proceed. The following options are available:

Sacred Sexual Healing

The Sacred Sexual Healing Sessions follow your very own sexuality at the pace that allows you to maintain the highest level of awareness and mindfulness while exploring and experiencing your sexuality.

This begins in the first steps with the perception of the distance and closeness you need for yourself in order to be able to relax in sexuality or to be with your partner. It continues in recognizing how much security and security are prerequisites for the life of your sexuality. Only then do we slowly approach, step by step, the energy and form of your sexuality.

We go into the worlds of your original sexuality with a lot of awareness and mindfulness. Whether naked or dressed, with sexual rituals or in the free flow of energies, in physical union or only in Yoni - Lingam contact or purely energetic, none of this matters at all. You set the limits and explore your options in this way for yourself.


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