Sunday, November 8th, 2020 from

1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

In the Zurich healing room

Healing Bridging - women and men

Who is this man in front of me and who is this woman in front of me?
Much has happened between us in the history of mankind, but one thing hardly: to really see, hear and understand us all as we really are.
Let's finally get to know each other. Let us tell each other about our being as man or woman. Let us tell each other how we live and experience our life, our sexuality and our desires. Let us finally show ourselves so that we can learn from each other.

We show ourselves in our nakedness and vulnerability so that our words touch hearts. Our story is always the story of mankind, women, men. We meet in the circle of women and men in the sacred nudity of our bodies, our stories, our souls. We show up. Our courage to stand up for women and men, to stand up for ourselves. And we learn humility towards the other beauty.
Your story of being a woman counts in this circle. We men want to hear them because we don't know them. We would like to honor you as a woman, Shakti, goddess, storm and silence by hearing and seeing your words, your looks, your anger and your love in order to take them into our hearts. So that we can start building the bridge to you right there. We men long for it.

Your story of being a man counts in this circle. Let's tell women how we experience the world. We show ourselves naked and vulnerable and entrust our innermost to you women: from the haphazard insecurity in us towards you, from our frustrations, the anger and the never-ending love in our hearts, because through you we came in to this world.
Let’s help each other build this bridge. So that we can start to heal, because for this healing we need each other. To forgive where we can forgive. To see where we cannot forgive and to accept this with love for one another.
To learn that we are all men and women, human beings. With a story. With fears and doubts. With joy and pleasure. With sexuality, heart and love.
May you be part of this healing between us humans? Then we, Michaela and I, look forward to welcoming you as a bridge builder of hearts in a circle.
This healing circle is as it were sensitive, personal and very intense in its strength. That is why it is kept small. It has room for 5 women and 5 men.

Let's make the world a better place.

Please note that the number of places is limited for the reasons mentioned above.


Compensation: CHF 110

The most powerful and most important balance of yours is your healing energy, which you bring with us for all of you.

Money is the energy that helps keep material things flowing.

May only good things happen to you

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Heilraum: Marchwartstrasse 30 8038 Zürich Wollishofen